En Codes


EN 343-4-4:2019

Protective clothing – protection against rain
Classes: EN 343
X: resistance to water penetration class
Y: water vapour resistance class
R: readymade garment rain tower test, optional

EN ISO 11611:2015
A1+A2 class x

Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.
Class 1 : (lower level) protection against less hazardous welding techniques and
situations, causing
Class 2 (higher level) protection against more hazardous welding techniques and
situations, causing higher levels of spatter and
radiant heat.

EN 13758-2:2003

Classification and marking of apparel specifies the requirements for marking of clothing which
are designed to offer the wearer protection
against ultraviolet radiation exposure.

EN ISO 20471:2013
class x

High visibility clothing – Test methods and requirements.
Classes 1,2 and 3
The 3-class system is based on minimum areas of visible high-visibility materials present in a
garment, whereby class 3 garments provide the
highest level of conspicuity, and class 1 garments the lowest level.

EN ISO 14116: 2015

Protective clothing against heat and flame with limited flame propagation.

EN 13034: 2005
+ A1:2009

Protection against liquid chemical products.
Type 6

EN ISO 11612: 2015

Protective clothing — Clothing to protect against heat and flame
a. A1 or A2 (The flame is applied horizontally or the flame is applied laterally)
b. (B1>B3) Convection heat ISO 915
c. (C1>C4) Radiant heat test ISO 6942
d. (D1>D3) Determining the level of protection against spatters of molten aluminum. ISO 9185
e. (E1>E3) ) Determining the level of protection against spatters of molten iron. ISO 9185
f. (F1>F3) Contact heat (code F) ISO 121287-250°C

IEC 61482-2: 2009
class x
IEC 61482-2: 2009

Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc tested acc. to
EC 61482-1-2
Class 1
(prospective short-circuit current) 4kA
Class 2
(prospective short-circuit current) 7kA

EN 14058: 2004

Protective clothing for protection against cool environments

EN 1149-5: 2008

Protective clothing – electrostatic properties