Introducing our latest innovations in technical rescue gear – the Technical Rescue Jacket and Pants featuring GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® STRETCH TECHNOLOGY.

Significantly lighter weight and more comfortable than your usual structural fire kit, the new rescue garments with full stretch are a game changer for all your technical rescue operations.

The Technical Rescue Gear Jacket is engineered for durability and functionality, featuring Kevlar reinforced elbows for added protection in high-stress situations. With multiple pockets including a right chest pocket, Napoleon pocket, front pockets, and inner pocket, along with a radio loop and pocket, all your essentials are within reach. The hood, stowable in the collar, ensures versatility, while adjustable sleeves provide a customized fit for optimal comfort.

Pairing perfectly with the jacket, our pants are crafted with GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® stretch technology, ensuring superior protection against incidental heat and flame with unmatched moisture management and protection against rain, common chemicals and blood borne pathogens. Designed with a crotch yoke and raised, reinforced back, these pants offer unparalleled freedom of movement and durability. The smart fit system allows for easy adjustment of the size, while detachable and adjustable straps with a tightening system ensure a secure fit.

For added safety and functionality, ergonomic Kevlar reinforced knee pockets with knee pads provide maximum protection during rescue operations. The leg ends are reinforced with Kevlar, ensuring longevity even in the toughest conditions. With a variety of pockets including wedge pockets, side pockets, cargo pockets, and reflective strips on each leg, our pants are designed to meet the demands of technical rescue professionals.

Our technical rescue gear with GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® STRETCH TECHNOLOGY in action.

Real firefighters tested our gear in a challenging parkour simulating mission scenarios. Stretch garments ensure flexibility our GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® STRETCH technology ensures accessibility in every move. Experience unmatched performance in the toughest missions.

Attention: The shown suit is NOT a fire intervention suit. The suit is used in this fire intervention parcours for comfort comparison reasons.

Gear up like a pro firefighter with our cutting-edge technical rescue gear!

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Discover the technology behind the GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® PYRAD® STRETCH